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Moss for Sunny Areas

For years we have had requests from people with sunnier locations for sun loving mosses. We have been experimenting with them lately by shredding them and inoculating the fragments onto green roof soil media and onto mats with very favorable results. The challenges are these mosses are hard to obtain in quantity and we are just starting with propagation. We are however, for the first time making available mixed sun loving mosses in small quantities as inoculants for sunny green roof areas, walkways, and/or for broadcasting onto our moss mats See below for product details.

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WOW! Very unique moss... Spring Apple Moss (Philonotis Fontana) - in a limited amount for a limited time...likes to grow at the edge of free flowing water or in a very wet (ponding water location) , It needs lots of naturally occurring moisture (or to be watered with rainwater or spring water daily), and likes FULL sun!

Sun Moss Fragments - 1 bag covers up to 10sq.ft Bryum Caespiticium
Bulk Sun Moss Fragments, covers up to 10sq.ft
Includes a seperate bag of gel tacifier, enough to mix with your fragments to create a slurry.

"Sun Moss" Fragments - Bryum Caespiticium or "sidewalk moss" is dried, and then finely shredded. Package inoculates up to 10 sq. ft. Just sprinkle fragments on bare, compact soil, or mix with gel tacifier and smear onto surface. Ideal for spacing between stones/pavers on patios or walkways.

This is a sun loving moss that can grow in full or partial sunlight. When wet or damp, this moss becomes a brilliant emerald green. Once established it can easily survive being completely dried out. Prefers an alkaline soil or limestone type substrate. Great adjacent to concrete or stone. This moss can tolerate direct sunlight. Bryum is a clumping moss ( acrocarp) that will grow to one inch or less in height.

Highly Recommended with this product: New! Moss-Tac moss adhesive to hold your moss to any substrate, for increased success in growing! Also Moss Mats for growing moss!