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Honesdale, PA - July 14, 2009
Contact: Jim Fucetola - 866.GET.MOSS
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Now anyone can "mix up" a moss garden... with a Moss Milkshake ™

Moss Milkshake Moss Acres, the nation's leading supplier of live moss since 2001, announces a new product for anyone with a shady garden area - the Moss Milkshake™. This dry mix is a unique blend of fragmented moss plants, powdered buttermilk, acidifying agents, and a special water retention gel powder. By simply adding water to the mixture, gardeners, landscapers, and moss enthusiasts can create a gel-like "slurry" that is ideal for spreading over most any firm, bare surface where a lush, vibrant covering or aged look is desired. Alternatively the dry mixture can simply be broadcast over the ground or other desired growing area and then watered.

Mosses thrive in shady landscapes, and most any shaded or partially shaded area can be ideal for utilizing the Moss Milkshake™ technique. For shaded lawns where grass is limited, moss is an ideal alternative. Instead of fighting nature by attempting to grow grass in shade, many homeowners are now putting away their noisy/polluting lawn mowers, synthetic fertilizers and lawn chemicals, and instead turning to moss, as it requires none of these inputs. Moss can be used in many ways. From as simple an application as a ground cover between pavers in a patio or walkway, to the more complex "green roof" project (see photos below), moss is proving to be a natural for a vast array of gardening projects. Moss is also the ideal companion plant for Asian-style gardens, water gardens, or woodland wildflower gardens. In addition to establishing itself on bare soil areas, the low growing "sheet moss" fragments that make up the Moss Milkshake™ can grow on different surfaces, including poor soils, stone, and wood.

Best of all, once established, moss is very low maintenance. Once they have filled in and knit to a surface, moss plants do not need to be watered to survive. Watering is only necessary if one desires to keep the moss very lush and green year-round. Moss plants tolerate summer drought and will transform into a dormant state and change slightly in color, but once they receive rain, moss greens up within minutes. Moss is also very resilient and can even take light foot traffic.

Moss Milkshake
Moss Milkshake
Moss Milkshake

Above: Moss Milkshake results two months after inoculation on springhouse green roof (top left) Close-up of Hypnum moss fragments knitting together and into springhouse roofing aggregate (top right) Hypnum moss complements ferns, stone and a water feature at a client's woodland garden (bottom).

Moss Milkshake™ is easy to use - just add water and spread out the slurry with a trowel or by hand. The more water that is added, the thinner the mix, and the more surface area it will cover (up to 25 square feet). Alternatively it can also be broadcast as dry fragments over flat surfaces (see springhouse roof photos above) and then watered to form the gel like consistency necessary for good adhesion and moisture retention. If kept moist, the moss fragments should start to show signs of growth in about a week. They will be knitting together, forming a vibrant green blanket to sooth the senses in just a few months.

For a more instant effect, Moss Acres also offers moss in large or small quantities by the square foot as sheet moss or in clumps. All four moss species offered by Moss Acres transplant readily into most any zone throughout the U.S. provided adequate shade and moisture are present.

Moss Milkshake Moss Milkshakes are currently available for sale directly on the company website at or can be ordered by the case packaged in attractive one half gallon milk cartons for re-sale by garden centers and nurseries (prototype carton photo to left).

For more information or high resolution images, please contact:

Jim Fucetola, Operations Manager: 866.GET.MOSS or visit the company web site