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"More and More people are turning to moss as a viable alternative to turf grass in the more shady areas of their garden and landscape. Moss Acres has a great selection of mosses and their website is full of great information to help you choose which moss is the best for your home garden or large landscaping project. I have purchased Hypnum Moss for both my moss lawn and for clients wanting to convert their shady lawns over to moss, or to create a bit of a green oasis in their garden. In other areas of my garden I have planted Fern Moss and Cushion Moss to add more moss varieties. Every order that I have placed has been a great experience. The moss is boxed and well packaged. The moss is always of the highest quality and fresh. Join the many home gardeners and landscapers who have discovered how beautiful and low maintenance moss is. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to turf in many situations, and for many (including myself), I no longer have to deal with a gas mower with all of the noise and fumes and maintenance." - J.Paul Moore Nashville TN. www.jpaulmoorephoto.com Garden,Scenic Nature and Landscape Architecture Photography.