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A Moss Lawn in Lieu of Grass

Working with nature instead of against it...

"My front yard is in such shade that all the grass died. The brown dirt area you see in the foreground is the default starting point for my moss beautification project. Now if you move your eye back toward the house along the line of the driveway, you will see the brown dirt disappears and turns green. That green is new moss I planted in November, 2009 . . .sheet moss from Moss Acres. It's a nice big patch of lush green moss in front of the ivy border. You can't miss it. To my eye the difference is dramatic. The little wisps of green to the right are little sections of naturally occurring moss, patches of moss that nature has provided on her own, telling me she wants moss in my front yard and not grass. I will try to fill in between those. But the section up by the driveway was just all brown dirt. I have a lot more to do but so far it's a big improvement, don't you think? "