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Our Company
Moss Acres is located in the northeastern fringe of the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, where many species of moss have been growing for millions of years. From one of our properties, we package and ship substantial quantities of moss for gardening enthusiasts, landscape architects, designers and contractors.

Moss Acres is not open to public hiking or viewing, but enthusiasts have the opportunity to experience moss in the woods of Honesdale, PA, at our spring and fall workshops. Moss Acres staff and experts are on site to instruct moss enthusiasts and landscape professionals on moss culture, uses in the landscape, moss identification, moss for green roofs, and most importantly, hands on training for how to best establish a moss garden. Visit the Moss Workshops section to learn more.

Years of Experience

Moss Acres is owned and operated, by Al Benner, son of renowned horticulturist, retired professor and "moss guru", David Benner.

Dave Benner began gardening with moss in lieu of grass at his woodland garden in New Hope, Pennsylvania back in the early 60's. Since then he has converted his entire two woodland acres into a lush, cool green oasis by growing moss with wildflowers and evergreen groundcovers on a terraced hillside with meandering paths. This spectacular garden bursts into color in early May when the wildflowers peak, and remains a vibrant green the balance of the year due to the vast array of mosses and other evergreen groundcovers that are also growing on the hillside. The Benner garden has been featured in over twenty-five books and magazines through the years, and Dave still conducts tours of his woodland moss gardens in early May.

When it comes to knowledge and experience with growing moss in the landscape, the Benner name is well known. Not only do Moss Acres' customers receive a unique selection of the highest quality mosses, but they are also privy to over thirty-five years of expertise on how to best utilize the techniques for growing moss in the landscape.

The Benner garden has also been captured on a video entitled Made in the Shade, and in a booklet entitled Gardening with Moss. Both of these informative pieces, along with a wide range of accessory items that make growing moss even easier, are also available through Moss Acres.

Our Staff

Jim Fucetola
Operations Manager

Left: Al Benner, President.
Right: Al's Father, Dave Benner.

Benner's Moss Garden Tour Spring, 2012

The first two weeks of May bring moss and shade gardening enthusiasts the world over to Dave Benner's hillside moss and wildflower garden near New Hope, in Bucks County, PA. Dave offers personally guided tours of his one of a kind garden at a cost of $10 per person. To schedule your tour date, contact Dave directly at bigdavebigsue@hotmail.com

Coming Attractions

The Moss Acres staff is hard at work developing several trails traversing the boulder strewn hillsides at the Moss Acres location. Visitors will be able to see moss in both its natural state and in locations where it has been transplanted. Plans for a visitor center, complete with Japanese and water gardens are also in the works. Stay tuned to our website for more details regarding when we will be open to the public...