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Manitoga / The Russel Wright Design Center, Garrison, New York Private Residence - Solebury, Pennsylvania
"The installation this past weekend went well. It looks terrific now, so I can't wait to see these shade loving green roof plants grow in. Your instructions were great and our staff found the installation smooth and straight forward."
Green roof plants - in this case fragmented moss plants are broadcasted onto the green roof substrate.
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Sun Moss Fragments Covers 15sq.ft

Sun Moss Fragments - 1 bag covers up to 15sq.ft Bryum Caespiticium

NEW! Sun-tolerant moss milkshake. This version of our milkshake contains pre-ground fragments of a moss species that likes damp shade but can also handle full sun and will even stay lush green when kept moist in the sun. The finely ground fragments are spread in a thin even layer over any soil area where moisture accumulates. Ideal applications include the gaps between paver stones. Sun or shade, over just a few months the fragments knit together to form a solid mass.

Bryum caespiticium

Bryum caespiticium - "sidewalk moss"