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• Easily Installed at 1/6 the cost of conventional living walls
• Multi-Species on each mat - Partial sun or shade tolerant
• Lightweight, easy to transport (shipped dry) - only 2 lbs/sq. ft. saturated
• Water-proof backing, water filtering, LED grow lights & misting systems
• Sequesters inner city pollutants and purifies air and rainwater
• Little to no maintenance - can go dry & survive, even in winter
• NO herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers required

Moss walls are an ideal alternative to conventional living wall systems. At around 1/6 the installed cost, our moss mat panel system can turn what was once perceived as an unrealistic project, into a very doable one. Our living moss wall system is incredibly easy to install, visually soothing, lightweight, and requires little to no maintenance.

For a real head turner visually and huge cost savings financially, a living moss wall is a stunning way to turn most any outdoor or indoor living wall project into a huge success.

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