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  • Sheet Moss

    A versatile, low growing moss with a high transplant success rate. Our sheet mosses (primarily hypnum imponens) thrive in shade, but will also tolerate dappled sunlight (not extended direct afternoon sun). The color is medium green. This moss is available by the square foot or pre-ground. This moss can tolerate some foot traffic, and is the easiest to work with.

  • Cushion Moss

    Prefers sandy soil, likes shade, but can tolerate partial sun. This moss is a lighter green color with a silvery-white cast to it. It grows in a round cushion shape, and is shipped in clumps.

  • Hair Cap Moss

    Haircap moss has soil anchoring structures that closely resemble and function like roots. For this reason, we ship this species in clumps with a small amount of soil still attached. Haircap moss prefers medium shade to partial sun, and likes a well drained soil.
  • Rock Cap Moss

    Typically found growing atop rocks and boulders in the wild, this dense, medium to dark green moss transplants fairly well into shady areas either onto rocks, or in many locations, soil. This moss is offered by the clump or pre-ground.
  • Moss Starter

    - Moss Sampler Set  which is a sampling of our four varieties of moss
    - Moss Starter Kit  which contains 5 sq.ft. of hypnum / fern moss
  • Pre-Ground / Fragmented Moss

    Pre-Ground or Fragmented Moss is one of the best way to grow moss and also is the most cost effective way!

    Highly Recommended with these products: New! Moss-Tac moss adhesive to hold your moss to any substrate, for increased success in growing!
    Moss Mats for growing moss!
  • Moss Grab Bag

    The only guarantee with our newest product is that you won’t know what you are getting until it arrives!  We provide an assortment of TEN uniquely different shade-loving moss species and include a bonus – “reindeer moss” (actually a lichen) as part of the package.
  • Moss Terrariums

    Terrarium & Fairy Garden Moss contains (½ ) square foot in total of sheet and clump mosses, conveniently packaged and ready to plant. Just the Right Amount For Mini Gardens and Terrariums.
  • Moss for Sunny Areas

    For years we have had requests from people with sunnier locations for sun loving mosses. We have been experimenting with them lately by shredding them and inoculating the fragments onto green roof soil media and onto mats with very favorable results.
  • Reindeer Moss

    Reindeer "Moss" (cladonia species)  is actually a lichen, and is gray-light green in color and forms pillow-like colonies of dense, branching ground cover. It grows in sandy soil. This plant is spongy and rubbery when moist, but becomes dry and brittle when dormant and will crunch if stepped on.  
  • Tree Apron Moss

    New Moss Variety!    This moss has the botanical name Anomodon attenuatus and is often found growing on the base of trees and on boulders in woodlands throughout the eastern half of the United States.  This moss can grow on soil but seems to do best growing up on rocks and on the base of tree trunks.
  • Moss Topiary

    This was relatively simple to make: Just form any shape you desire from mesh chicken wire, stuff it tightly with sphagnum moss (water retention), and then smear on a thick layer of clay-based soil on the outside of the form (this acts as an adhesive for the moss). For the crocodile, sheets of fern moss were then attached over the entire frame and are watered regularly (preferably with rain water or filtered water) to keep the croc looking a lush and vibrant green.

    To order Fern Moss to cover your topiary creation, click here
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