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"More and More people are turning to moss as a viable alternative to turf grass in the more shady areas of their garden and landscape. Moss Acres has a great selection of mosses and their website is full of great information to help you choose which moss is the best for your home garden or large landscaping project.

I have purchased Hypnum Moss for both my moss lawn and for clients wanting to convert their shady lawns over to moss, or to create a bit of a green oasis in their garden. In other areas of my garden I have planted Fern Moss and Cushion Moss to add more moss varieties. Every order that I have placed has been a great experience. The moss is boxed and well packaged. The moss is always of the highest quality and fresh.

Join the many home gardeners and landscapers who have discovered how beautiful and low maintenance moss is. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to turf in many situations, and for many (including myself), I no longer have to deal with a gas mower with all of the noise and fumes and maintenance"

.- J.Paul Moore Nashville TN.

"This is our expanding "Blue Ridge/ Japanese Style" garden. Three years ago we started with a "moss sampler" package, to be sure that the Moss Acres' products would survive in our hot, humid summers. It not only survived, but has really thrived despite a record-setting drought this year! Then 2 years ago I designed an area with hypnum / fern moss islands to feature an established Japanese maple and some interesting rocks at the entry to our garden. We are so pleased to have Moss Acres as a unique Garden resource! Thanks."
Paul Moore moss Garden
-Bob Sherertz, PFAFFTOWN, NC

"I planted a boxwood border with larger boxwoods at the back to hide the trash cans. I ordered 100sq ft of hypnum / fern moss from Moss Acres, laid it in the center on a 'mound' with a dogwood tree in the middle and then dotted a few deep purple hellebores around. It also has a gas lamp in there, which at night make this very small street garden a tiny enchanted wonderland. People stop and stare at it all the time."
-Andrea Mason Brooklyn NY

"Seasonal annual display for Crate and Barrel on Michigan Ave. in Chicago. I used the moss as a ground plane element and I thought it worked out quite well."
-Brian Barry Douglas Hoerr Landscape Architecture Inc, Chicago IL

"I am quite serious with my interest in mosses and liverworts. I hope to share my passion with others. Where I live we are blessed with extremely high rainfall and Transylvania County boasts over 100 water falls in my own garden. I have been experimenting with all types of mosses. I am happy to report at least 50 varieties in my garden."
-Annie Martin Pisgah Forest NC

"We used your moss sampler set and your moss starter kit to clothe a mound to support a starkly modern sculpture by Adam Frelin. The owners wanted an interesting setting for the reflective surface of the work, and the moss contrasts effectively both with its metal surfaces and with the texture and shades of the surrounding ginger and maidenhair ferns. The garden is only a few months old, but so far, so good! We do not feel we could have found a more attractive ground cover for our purpose. The installation instructions were very clear."
-Sally Muspratt Landscape Design West Roxbury MA.

"Thank you for your help with the moss for my Japanese tea garden. I have since put down netting and gravel. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy."
-Todd Frey, York PA

"Moss was used to replace large sections of natural moss that was destroyed due to heavy construction. The moss was well packed, good quality and arrived on time."
-Philip Bingeman - Pennsylvania

"I use moss around water features and in stone work for my customers. Great looking moss." Jeffrey Rossen - Rossen Landscape Contracting, LLC - Virginia

We asked Little Hill Nursery in Tennessee where they used Moss from Moss Acres. They said: "Everywhere! Raised Beds, Landscaping, Miniature Gardens , Living Wreaths, Zen Gardens , and pots for re-sale." What do they like best about Moss Acres? "Good quality and service and all the information about caring for moss at www.MossAcres.com ."

"We use moss from Moss Acres on bonsai trees used in recirculation fountain gardens. The moss arrives promptly and takes immediately after planting."
-Maryland Aquatic Nurseries

"I used moss purchased from Moss Acres as a carpet in the middle of a client's garden and also at the north end of the garden underneath a fountain. She loved it. I loved it. The moss was beautiful and it was shipped beautifully packed. The instructions were perfect."
-Roxanne Isbey Design Studio – New York

"The moss we purchase is used primarily in ‘Japanese' garden designed projects. The moss arrives from Moss Acres ready to plant, in good condition. I have had good client satisfaction with your moss products." -Mark Mazzarelli - Massachusetts

"I used moss in a front yard shade garden…I love it…It is great to find a supplier that is easy to work with to get moss."
- Kathy Efford - Maryland

"I plan to send moss as gifts next spring to my brothers in Cleveland and Maryland ."
-Richard Farnan – Missouri

"Although I was into using moss in my shaded garden some time ago, it was after my daughter sent me a box of your "assorted" mosses two years ago that I was really hooked. The snow is melting now and the moss is almost all exposed and the emerald "carpet" is beautiful. I am glad to know about the ferns you are now offering and will be ordering some."
Bruce Chaffee – New Hampshire

"Wow, I was really impressed with the health and quantity of the mosses you sent. Thirteen sq. ft. turned out to be a lot. I live at the edge of a coastal chaparral zone in San Diego CA, not the most conducive environment to grow moss. Also, my yard was getting more sun than I thought (until I started closely observing). Regardless, all 4 mosses seem to be growing in spite of very suboptimal conditions. Thanks, this has been very satisfying.

- Mark Langford -San Diego CA

"I received my order the next day! Splendid service! I was able to construct 3 Terrariums over the weekend. Thank for such incredible turn-around on my order request. "

William J. Lighter Jr. project coordinator, Philadelphia LandCare