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Moss Acres offers a wide range of moss-related accessories, including:  soil amendment products to lower pH, mesh netting to catch leaves and protect moss from bird and small animals, misting kits to keep moss and soil moist, and a variety of other products.
  • Shade / Leaf Cloth

    Ideal for boosting growth rate and protecting newly establish moss gardens from direct sun, use of this product can boost the success rate by 50%

    Our knitted shade fabric is the ideal choice for shade protection from the sun for newly transplanted moss. Also catches leaves/debris, and deters animals. Has a 4 year plus life expectancy when used in direct sun. This product should not be left on the moss once the trees are leafed out - this is a temporary shading material for projects when leaves have yet to come out or are about to fall or have fallen prior to transplanting. This cloth helps avoid "sun burn" effect on newly transplanted moss and works great in fall for leaf collection.

    ' x 8' - Total coverage 48sqft - $39.00 add to cart
    15' x 22' - Total coverage 330sqft - $129.00
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  • Transplant Netting

    Ideal for protecting newly transplanted moss from birds, mice, and squirrels that like to dig for grubs.
  • Eco Lawn

    Moss Acres is proud to announce a solution for larger sunny or shady lawn areas that just aren't practical for moss:

    Do you have an existing lawn area that needs re-vitalizing (over-seeding) or are you planning to establish a new lawn area soon?
  • Organic Weed Control

    One of the very few frustrating things about moss is that in certain locations, grasses and other weed seeds that blow onto the moss garden can germinate and then need to be pulled out periodically.
  • pH Amendments

    Wettable Sulphur : This water souble powder can be used any time to lower soil pH.
  • Instructional Material

    In this series of linked personal essays, author Robin Wall Kimmerer leads general readers and scientists alike to an understanding of how mosses live and how their lives are intertwined with the lives
  • Rain Barrels & Pump

    Rain barrels are the easiest and most convenient way to obtain water that is free of chlorine and minerals that can harm your moss.  By elevating the barrels on cinder blocks or a stand, water can easily be drawn from the tap near the bottom.
  • Fish Emulsion

    Fish Emulsion - Atlantic Fish Fertilizer Concentrate:
    In some of your locations moss can never receive rainfall or windblown dust. The windblown dust provides nutrients to the moss.
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