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Thursday, February 13, 2004

The lush, vibrant look of moss makes anyone feel like a kid again...
Best of all, it doesn't require mowing, chemicals or fertilizers.

Honesdale, PA - October 25th, 2007

Talk to Al Benner about the moss supply business he opened six years ago, and you will discover that it wasn't just some random, crazy idea that started him down this moss covered path. Al's dad, Dave, a retired professor of ornamental horticulture and advocate of low-maintenance shade gardening was Al's mentor and has had "moss lawns" on his 2 acre property near New Hope in Bucks County, PA for close to 45 years. Tours of his shaded oasis are given to the public the first two weeks of May each year, and visitors delight not only at his terraced moss gardens, but also at his vast assortment of native plants and wildflowers.

Moss is not new on the scene, as it has been around almost as long as the stones it all so often grows on. But historically speaking, aside from its use in Kyoto, Japan as a groundcover around many of the Japanese temples, moss has long been overlooked for its landscape potential. This is all changing rapidly, as gardening enthusiasts from Martha Stewart to the Home and Garden Television Network (the Benner's were recently featured on one of their programs) have recognized moss for its value in the landscape.

Moss Acres has been shipping four varieties of live moss throughout the U.S. and Canada for six years, and provided the moss is relocated to an area with adequate shade and moisture, the plant has a surprisingly high transplant success rate. Even when moss sometimes goes into re-location shock, more often than not it somehow revives itself over a period of time to return to its enchanting vibrant, green color. The moss is actually shipped dry to avoid mold and rot, and is sold in boxes containing up to 50 square feet of the evergreen groundcover. Moss is the perfect companion plant for rock gardens, flagstone patios, water gardens, or paired along with ferns, native plants, or in Japanese gardens. Moss Acres is now even getting involved with green roofs, as moss has proven itself to be an excellent choice along with sedums for green roofing projects, particularly in Europe.

In today's hustle and bustle world, the lush look and soothing feeling produced by a moss garden takes us all back to a simpler time and place. By incorporating moss into those shady areas where grass and other plants have a difficult time becoming established, not only does a landscape professional or homeowner overcome the challenge associated with that shady spot, but they also create an eye catching and contemplative grotto or glade at the same time.


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