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Water Purification System
Water Purification System

Single Unit Price: $249.00

Product Code: 89

Mosses do not like to be watered regularly over long periods of time with city water (chlorine) or with well water (dissolved minerals). These elements build up on the moss leaves, and over time can kill the moss. The Stealth RO-100 Reverse Osmosis water filtering system produces up to 100 gallons per day of ultra-pure water. Removes 98%+ of chlorine & contaminants. Wastes approximately 25% less water than other reverse osmosis systems. Everything is included in the box for quick hose connection hook-up. Customized for gardening & hydroponics. We strongly recommend this system for larger moss projects where regular watering will be taking place, but rainwater catchment is not an option. This water is also great to drink! Feel free to fill up some 5 gallon jugs if you are currently drinking chlorinated city water. If you are planting smaller areas with moss and are not going to be investing in this type of system, then please refrain from constant watering with municipal or well water once the moss is established. Occasional watering is okay, but it is better to let nature do the job when the rains come.

Please keep in mind if you do order this system, that you will need a rain barrel or some other vessel to hold the filtered water in, and then you will need our booster pump to provide sufficient pressure to run the mister line(s).

If you have any specific questions regarding how to configure the Stealth RO system with your existing irrigation set-up, please call Hydrologic directly:  888-426-5644 (M-F, 9-5 Pacific) or info@hydrologicsystems.com

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