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Rain Barrel

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Rain barrels are the easiest and most convenient way to obtain water that is free of chlorine and minerals that can harm your moss. By elevating the barrels on cinder blocks or a stand, water can easily be drawn from the tap near the bottom, or hook one of our booster pumps in line with the outlet hose to power our mister systems to keep your moss a lush, vibrant green even during dry summer months. Join the water conservation movement and the many homeowners installing rainwater collection systems today!

 Our Retro-fitted Rainwater Barrels are the environmentally conscious solution to making rainwater collection truly sustainable. Our re-claimed Rainwater Barrels were previously used as food grade containers for shipping and storing olives. Imported from Spain, they have been reconditioned, painted, and retrofitted to hold 60 gallons of rainwater. Our Rainwater Barrel is constructed from UV protected 3/16” gauge polyethylene for long-lasting performance. Retrofitted Rainwater Barrels offer best functionality in rainwater collection systems, featuring a screw on lid, overflow fitting and tubing, garden hose threaded spigot, drain plug, and choice of two port heights to attach a garden hose that can then connect to our mister system. If you will be hooking the water tap to a hose that will run to a mister kit you will also need one of our booster pumps (and more than likely one of our life-like hollow "rocks" to place it under). We also highly recommend a downspout diverter so you can re-direct water to your barrel as needed.

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