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Rock Cap Moss (Dicranum)

moss acres Rock Cap moss is typically found growing atop rocks and boulders in the wild. This dense, medium to dark-green moss transplants extremely well into shady areas and onto rocks or soil. For even more information about rock garden plants please view the information below.

Important: Rock Cap mosses grow in more deeply shaded areas, and are prone to "sun burning" (turning a brownish yellow) following transplanting if they are relocated to an area that receives direct sunlight for periods of more than just a few minutes. They are particularly vulnerable during early spring and late fall before tree leaves have flushed or after they have fallen. Grow this moss in deeper shade and transplant when leaves are on the trees.

Rock Cap Moss is shipped:

1) By the Clump

Available in several clumps (1" high) totaling 5 square feet (we will ship clumps in various sizes).

Clumps (5 sq. feet) $69 ea. + shipping add to cart
Clumps (15 sq. feet) $159 ea. + shipping add to cart
Clumps (50 sq. feet) $429 ea. + shipping add to cart

Note: Moss Acres strongly recommends using it's Protective Mesh Netting when establishing Rock Cap Moss with slurry or "Hydro-Mossing" techniques. This material keeps birds and squirrels out, and keeps leaves and debris from accumulating and smothering tiny moss plants.

Shipping via UPS Ground ($9 for 5 sq. ft, $19 for 15 sq. ft, $29 for 50 sq. ft ). During warmer months, upgraded UPS 2nd day air shipments may be required for select customers based on location. Should upgraded shipping be required, you will be contacted by a Moss Acres representative.

2) Pre-ground

By grinding Rock Cap moss into 1/4" - 1/2" fragments, two things happen:

  1. The amount of coverage area is increased 3x - 4x
  2. The mechanical breaking apart of dry moss signals each fragment of moss to prepare to enter a growth phase.

These fragments are ideal for large projects where an instant solid carpet of moss is not as important as cost-effectively covering a larger area. Green Roofs and expansive woodland moss "lawns" are two prime examples.

It is very important that moss fragments receive regular watering (misting ideal) for the first three months following inoculation. A small amount of H20 Retention Gel is suggested, particularly if the area will be challenging to water. Detailed directions are included with each shipment.

Ground Rock Cap Moss "inoculates" approx. 150 - 200 sq. feet* $375 ea. + shipping add to cart

* Coverage depends on broadcast rate - 25% to 33%

Rock Garden Plants

Rock Cap moss, along with our other varieties of rock garden plants, are perfect for creating a beautiful atmosphere with a rock garden. Rock garden plants like rock cap moss have been used in this way for a great many years. In fact, rock gardens have been utilizing the calming abilities of moss for centuries; the United States, however, has only recently begun to truly realize the loveliness these plants have to offer. This green, lush plant is like no other; capable of surviving the harshest of conditions, it is extremely easy to grow and maintain, and lasts all year long! It really is the most beautiful evergreen groundcover. Rock garden plants like moss have been used in rock gardens for centuries, and now, with of Moss Acres, you can also experience the breathtaking beauty of moss gardens. Click here to learn about all of our other rock garden plants and mosses.

For centuries, rock gardens have utilized rock cap moss and other mosses to create a serene, spiritual environment. Rock garden plants are a crucial element in Japanese rock garden design, for example, and date back to ancient Japanese culture. In Japan, each element of the rock garden is symbolic - stones represent mountains, sand represents water, and the moss and other rock garden plants have been known to represent islands. The moss and stone are organized into groups and positioned in the sand; often times they represent real-life surroundings. Using a highly stylized method, designers of Japanese rock gardens seek to duplicate the tranquility of nature, and, through meditation, take the viewer of the rock garden to a tranquil place. When one witnesses a Japanese rock garden, it is very easy to see why moss is used in this way. The calm, vibrant green plants create a beautiful atmosphere, and are able to connect anyone to nature through its appearance.

However, you don't have to travel as far as Japan to experience the beauty of a Japanese rock garden, since Moss Acres can provide you with all the moss (and other rock garden plants) that you'll ever need to create your very own Japanese rock garden right in your backyard. There is a reason that our clients keep coming back to us for their moss and rock garden plants and we invite you to find out for yourself. Click here to learn more about our rock garden plants.

Since there are other shade garden plants that could be used in rock gardens, it might seem difficult to choose which is best for your situation. But if you're looking for a soothing, peaceful atmosphere, capable of perfectly echoing traditional Japanese rock gardens, rock cap moss and our other beautiful varieties are the perfect choice. If you have any questions about our rock garden plants or any of the moss products available on Moss Acres please make sure to contact us and a friendly staff member will assist you.

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Rock Cap Moss Clumps 5 sq. ft Rock Cap Moss Clumps 5 sq. ft
Single Unit Price: $69.00
Pre-Ground Rock Cap Moss Pre-Ground Rock Cap Moss
Single Unit Price: $375.00
Rock Cap Moss Clumps  15 sq. ft Rock Cap Moss Clumps 15 sq. ft
Single Unit Price: $159.99
Rock Cap Moss Clumps  50 sq. ft Rock Cap Moss Clumps 50 sq. ft
Single Unit Price: $429.00