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Moss is the ideal choice for a shade ground cover

shade ground cover If you are in search of an evergreen ground cover that thrives in shade, look no further - moss is well suited. For millions of years moss has thrived as a shade ground cover in forests throughout the world, but only recently has the idea of bringing this soothing, low maintenance shade ground cover into the home garden.

Moss will grow on just about any soil and will cover the ground just like a carpet, highlighting delicate ferns and even the tiniest native plants. Moss also requires no mowing, fertilizing or pest management, so when thinking about the choices for a shade ground cover, moss is certainly an environmentally sustainable choice.

To learn more about how moss can be your shade ground cover of choice, click here...

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Protective UV Shade Cloth 70% - 330sqft
Our knitted shade fabric is the perfect choice shade protection from the Sun. Perfect for protecting your moss. Also protects from heat, wind, hail, leave/ debris, animal and UV.  Has a 4 years plus when in direct sun.