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Terrarium How To

Teapot Moss TerrariumTerrarium ideas? Think moss.Looking for terrarium ideas? Think moss!

Moss has been around for 350 million years, and thrives in the same humid, CO2-rich micro-environment as that found inside an enclosed terrarium.

Moss has no true roots, so it absorbs all of its moisture and nutrients through its simple, yet elegant, leaf structures. That's why creating a terrarium with moss is incredibly easy - simply place the moss inside the terrarium and water.

If kept indoors, terrariums with moss require more light than you might realize. They definitely need a fair amount of relatively strong, natural light, or more regular artificial light from fluorescent or LED grow lights. Indoors, a large terrarium featuring moss should be kept reasonably close to a window.

If kept outdoors, terrariums with moss should be place in a shaded area.

Be sure to use a soil that drains well at the bottom (add sand and gravel), but also make sure the clumps of moss are pressed firmly into wet soil on top to make a good bond - moss does not do well with air space between it and the soil.

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