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styrofoam wreath Terrarium Craft Repels - All Ready Spray
styrofoam wreath
Each Price: $6.99
Terrarium Craft
Each Price: $18.95
Repels - All Ready Spray
Each Price: $29.95
12 in. White styrofoam white wreath
Amy Bryant Aiello and Kate Bryant . "Simple growing tips and chic design Know-how in an easy - to -  follow, lovely-to-read format. Creating your own terrarium will definitely be next on your crafty to do list." 32 oz, ready to spray, repels all, all natural formula repels many nuisance pests from gardens & around the home, will not harm animals, safe around kids & pets, repels raccoons, skunks, deer, rabbits, cats, dogs & many others, ready to spray applicator.

A Trailside Guide to Mosses and Liverworts of the Cherokee National Forest
Hard Cover Book - A non-technical guide to 52 common genera of mosses and liverworts found in the southeastern U.S. Seventy-five species are illustrated in 210 full color photographs.